Website tracking specialist

Vilnius, Lithuania


Growing over the years Site Tracking is one of the most established modules in Adform. Inside you can find a suit of core functionalities: Tag Management, Analytics collection, Retargeting/Remarketing - all of which are much sought after by marketers around the globe. To top it off, the Client Services team is among the best in the world both in quality of service and the ability to provide solutions to any problem.

All sorts of tasks and queries from our customers manifest into 1.2k e-mails coming into Adform Client Services. Website Tracking Specialists take part in helping the clients by: consulting them via e-mail on code implementation or product related questions, troubleshooting and debugging client websites for tracking code errors, providing solutions to elaborate technical issues and customizing tracking codes according to the client's needs, not to mention all the other platform specific stuff that is going on.

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