Senior Software Engineer (DSP Bidder)

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania


Adform provides a digital advertising solution that unlocks an online potential. Please do not stop reading, we promise that it only gets better from here. Truthfully, we are working very hard to make the online advertising experience as pleasant, relevant and rewarding as possible for everyone involved. This includes not just our partners and clients but every day internet end-users like you. We have mountains of servers and hundreds of engineers working very hard every day to make advertising world better for everyone. Our scale is grandiose, datasets - humongous, problems - challenging enough to spark interest in any kind of engineer. You think we are exaggerating? Come and see it yourself.

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer .NET to join Deman Side Programmatic (DSP) Team.

About the team:

DSP Team is mainly responsible for Real-Time Bidding (RTB) engine as a part of Demand Side Programmatic Platform (DSPP). The high load bidding engine is handling more than 1.8 million requests per second, working close to real-time with a time box of 60-120ms to handle a request, including transportation. Team uses a diverse set of technologies: .NET, Java, Scala, GoLang and C. Storage technologies include but are not limited to MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Aerospike and Kafka. For task management, version control and continuous integration team uses JIRA, GitHub and TeamCity tools.

If you can comfortably describe yourself as:


And you have the required technical skills:


Join us! This is what we can promise in return:

Adform is the leading independent and open full stack advertising technology platform that encompasses data, creativity and trading into one seamless enterprise product suite servicing media agencies, trading desks, and advertisers.

All of our products are modular and easily inter-operate with all other point solutions used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.

Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is among the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies. With offices in 18 countries, Adform has more than 800 employees globally throughout Europe, North America and APAC.

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