Management Associate

Vilnius, Lithuania · Finance, HR & Administration


Ready to start jump your professional career into next level? The Yellow Belts graduate program is a high intensity learning program that gives talented candidates the opportunity to develop through hands-on experience via a 12-month full-time position where you work directly with decision makers, including Adform’s senior leadership team. This program provides a unique opportunity to uncover as well as refine your talents. Successful completion of this program might unlock the opportunity to continue your career path in an advanced position within Adform.

As an Adform Yellow Belt, you will rotate through several different departments such as product management, sales, finance, development & IT while working on creative strategic projects in a combination of different roles. The program provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in one of the world’s leading ad tech companies while exposing you to potential career paths and giving you a holistic insight into your future professional development.

Past graduates have leveraged lessons learned as Yellow Belts to assume advanced roles within Adform to drive innovation while using the skills, knowledge, relationships and hands on experiences gained to significantly advance their careers. The program provides exposure to senior decision makers on a level which is virtually unheard of in other graduate programs.

So, whether it’s business, technology or innovation that gets you excited, apply today for the opportunity to help shape the ad tech industry while embarking upon an exciting career development path.

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